Con’tex’ture [kon’tekst‘cher] -noun

Communicating in context.

Production Shot

Speaking the language of the audience.

Contexture is all about results-oriented communication – we tell your story in the context best received by your target audience. We don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach, and we’re no strangers to research. We become intimately familiar with your mission and values to define and deliver the right message, using the most effective medium. Whether video production, print, web design or marketing through new media, our goal is the same: make your success the measurement of our own success.

Not Just Creative. Strategic.

The core communication value of Contexture is not in what media we operate, it’s in our understanding of marketing, fundraising and connecting stories to the heart. We communicate intangible concepts and realities better than anyone else. The stories are incredible, and the audience never forgets.

Your Story. Your Vision. Your Passion. Our Goal.

We’re passionate about seeing our clients succeed, and that drives us to consistent, unrivaled excellence. Our reputation among our clients is much more than a vendor; they see us as a valued partner. We look well beyond the short term needs, and help achieve a long-term strategy. That type of vision has earned us long-term relationships with our clients (many of whom we’ve served for over a decade) resulting in unprecedented success for their organizations.

For over 20 years Contexture been committed to helping our corporate and non-profit clients tell their stories, helping them achieve success. To find out how we may serve you and your organization, contact us today. (949) 250-0811.