Contexture’s Creative Staff

Meet the team behind some of today’s most successful video, web and print campaigns.

Telling a story that connects with the heart of your target audience requires a creative team that understands your vision and knows how to communicate it in the most effective context. That team is Contexture.

Hand-picked for their broad range of skills and depth of expertise, each member of Contexture’s creative staff is at the top of his/her field. Contexture’s core values of passion, excellence and integrity guide the staff individually and collectively on every project.

More than a production company…

Contexture is widely praised for its thorough attention to details that matter, to you and your audience. Decades of marketing expertise are applied to every project to maximize R.O.I. and add value. You’ll experience the difference throughout the process – from concept, to production, to final delivery. Contexture considers each project a collaboration to achieve your vision of success.

Get to know the members of our team. We’re here to enable you to succeed.

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Contexture's Creative Staff
Brian Miller
Rick Cortez
Torry Dechert
Joel Garcia
Matt VanAndel
Jerrol Krause
Jerrol Krause