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WordPress 3.1 added an exciting new class called WP_List_Tables, which is used extensively in the WordPress core for generating all the list tables seen in WordPress’s admin screens. For years, plugin developers have been cobbling together their own versions of these tables, sacrificing features and consistency along the way. To use the WP_List_Table class, you do not use hooks, but extend the class directly, crafting individual “packages” for display.

This plugin, along with the documentation in the WordPress Codex, can be used by developers to quickly and easily create consistent, standardized, and feature rich list-tables in their own plugins and themes.


This plugin is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).


Download Coming Soon
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3 Responses to Custom List Table Example

  1. Alejandra

    Hello friend.. I’m trying to develop and pluging, and i need to create a list to my own products and i would like have tables like wordpress tables, but i got errors when i try to use an extended class from WP_List_Table. I don;t know was wrong.. can you tell me where i can download your example?
    Thanks you in advance

  2. David Gard

    Many thanks for creating this example, I’ve been looking for help with the tables for a while and this was just what I was looking for.

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