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What Does It Do?

This simple plugin is a must-have for anyone that works with custom taxonomies or post types – and is an especially good compliment to Brad Williams’ indispensable Custom Post Type UI plugin.

By default, WordPress only shows built-in taxonomies in your administrative list tables (e.g. Categories & Tags). But if you rely on custom taxonomies for organization (particularly when working with custom post types) then you are typically out of luck.

This plugin fixes that – ensuring that custom taxonomies are added as columns to all necessary list tables automatically.

This is an initial release and includes no bells or whistles – but if you need this functionality, you probably don’t need anything fancy. If you have any improvements, additions, or suggestions, please leave a post in the WordPress.org forums with the custom-taxonomy-columns tag and I’ll follow up right away.


This plugin is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).


Download Custom Taxonomy Columns from WordPress.org >>

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